Investor Relations

Investor Relations – Corporate Financial Communication

What Are Investor Relations (IR)? Investor relations is a function within a publicly traded company that provides operational and performance information about the firm to the investment community.  The investor relations (IR) department is a branch of a company, typically a publicly traded firm.  Its mission is to give investors […]

Lowe's Hours

Lowe’s Hours – What Are Lowe’s Store Hours?

Lowe’s Hours – What Are Lowe’s Store Hours? In general, Lowe’s is open for business from 6 am to 10 pm daily.  Lowe’s hours are ultimately determined by the specific location.  For example, some locations close an hour earlier each day at 9 pm.  Others open later and close earlier […]

How Many Nickels Make a Dollar

How Many Nickels Make a Dollar – Why Does It Matter?

How Many Nickels Make a Dollar? How many nickels make a dollar? There are 20 nickels in each dollar. The 5-cent coin is mostly made of copper but still contains 25% nickel. Each nickel costs 8.7 cents to make. 20 nickels are in $1.00 40 nickels make a roll of $2.00 […]

How Many Pennies are in $100

How Many Pennies are in $100 – Why Does It Matter?

How Many Pennies are in $100? How many pennies are in $100? There are 100 pennies in each dollar, so there are 10,000 pennies in $100. Each penny costs 2.1 cents to make. 100 pennies are in $1.00 500 pennies are in $5.00 1,000 pennies are in $10.00 10,000 pennies are […]

Successor Trustee

Successor Trustee – Duties and Obligations You Should Know

What is a Successor Trustee? A Successor Trustee administers the trust after the Grantor passes utilizing their powers for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust. When the creator of a trust dies or becomes incapacitated, a Successor Trustee steps into the role.  The successor then administers the trust […]


OKSMS – Send and Receive Anonymous Online Messages

What is OkSMS? OkSMS is an online application offering temporary, anonymous, free, and disposable phone numbers for receiving verification codes online.  For individuals, there are two methods to use this technology. First, you can use it to double-check before completing an online or in-person payment. Alternatively, you can utilize it […]