Tax Return

Tax Return – What are IRS Income Tax Returns?

What Is a Tax Return? A tax return is a declaration to pertinent tax authorities calculating net income.  The purpose is to determine if a further tax payment is necessary or if a refund can be expected. A tax return is a formal statement, often submitted under penalty of perjury […]

Stock Delta

Stock Delta: Delta in Stocks – What Does it Mean?

Stock Delta:  What is Delta in Stocks and Options? The term Stock Delta refers to a ratio measuring the rate of change in a stock option or derivative for every $1 increase in value of the underlying stock or security. Delta is the ratio that compares the change in the […]

Futures Market

Futures Market: Definition – Overview – Examples

What Is a Futures Market? A Futures Market is an exchange where futures contracts are traded for stocks, securities, or commodities with a set price for a future date. A futures market is an auction market.  Traders purchase and sell commodity and futures contracts for delivery at a later date. […]

Standard Error Formula

Standard Error Formula – What it Means in Finance

What is the Standard Error Formula Used For? The standard error formula measures the deviation of a sample mean from a true population mean. In finance, it is used to measure volatility and risk. The standard deviation (SD) is quite similar to the standard error (SE). Both measure spread and […]


Marxism: Definition – Meaning – Explanation

What Is Marxism? Marxism is the political, economic, and social theories of Karl Marx embracing the inevitable evolution of harmonious, classless socialism. Marxism holds that the fight between social classes is a major force in history.  Further, that there will eventually be a society without classes. It investigates the impact […]

Full Retirement Age

Full Retirement Age – What is Retirement Age In The USA?

What Is the Full Retirement Age (FRA) in the USA? Full retirement age (FRA) in the USA ranges from age 65-67 when workers can claim full, unreduced Social Security retired-worker benefits. The full retirement age (FRA), is often known as the normal retirement age.   It is the age at which […]