Compensating Balance

Compensating Balance: Definition – Explanation – Examples

What Is a Compensating Balance? A compensating balance is a form of collateral to be maintained with a lender that enables the borrower to secure a line of credit or installment loan.  It is a minimum balance that effectively acts as collateral and thus compensates the lender for the risk […]

Joint Supply

Joint Supply: Definition – Explanation – Examples

What Is Joint Supply? Joint supply results when multiple products are derived from the same source and at the same expense. For example, when sheep are being raised for wool and meat. A product or process that can provide two or more outputs is referred to as joint supply in […]

Posted Date

Posted Date – Meaning and Definition

What Is the Posted Date? For credit and debit cards, the posted date is the specific day, month, and year on which a card issuer posts a transaction and adds it to the account balance of the cardholder. For a bank, it is the day on which money is taken […]

Company Known as Big Blue

Company Known as Big Blue: IBM

IBM: The Company Known as Big Blue IBM (International Business Machines) is the company known as Big Blue.  The nickname Big Blue has been used since the 1980s. The name may have come from the deep blue color of the company’s logo or the blue tint of its early computer […]


Non-negotiable – Meaning in Business and Finance

What Is Non-negotiable? Non-negotiable means not open for debate or modification. As a result, it is a condition that cannot be changed through discussion or negotiation.  In business, it can refer to the price of a good that is firmly established.  Therefore, the price cannot be adjusted and is considered […]

Tax Fugitives - Pete Rose

Tax Fugitives – Eight Infamous Tax Dodgers

Tax Fugitives – Eight Notorious Tax Evaders Tax evasion is the avoidance of paying taxes through illegitimate means. Typically, tax evasion techniques involve an individual or organization lying to the Internal Revenue Service about their income. Money laundering penalties may be levied against those who attempt to report their revenues […]