Trading Desk

Trading Desk: Definition – Explanation – Example

What Is a Trading Desk? A trading desk is a department or physical area within a brokerage trading firm or investment bank where securities transactions take place. Depending on the type of financial institution, traders may be trading for their own personal accounts.  Or, the desks may be occupied by […]

Purchase Money Mortgage

Purchase Money Mortgage: Definition – Explanation – Example

What Is a Purchase Money Mortgage? A purchase money mortgage is seller or owner financing granted by the seller of a home to the borrower as part of the purchase transaction. This type of financing is typically used when a buyer cannot qualify for a mortgage through standard banking methods. […]

Income Approach

Income Approach: Definition – Explanation – Example

What Is the Income Approach for Real Estate Valuation? The income approach is a real estate valuation method where investors estimate the worth of a property based on the revenue it generates. This method is also known as the income capitalization technique.  It is a real estate valuation process that […]

Arrow's Impossibility Theorem

Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem: Definition – Explanation – Example

What is Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem? Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem asserts that a clear order of preferences is impossible to determine while adhering to mandatory fair voting procedures. In other words, the Theorem states that converting individuals’ preferences from a fair ranked-voting election system cannot yield clear community-wide ranked preferences. The theorem […]

Tax Credit Apartments

Tax Credit Apartments – What is a Tax Credit Property?

Tax Credit Apartments – What Is a Tax Credit Property? Tax credit apartments are housing projects or apartment complexes that let landlords or owners claim tax credits in exchange for offering units to low-income tenants with restricted rents. In general, tax credit apartments are complexes owned by a developer or […]

Stepwise Regression

Stepwise Regression: Definition – Explanation – Example

What Is Stepwise Regression? Stepwise regression is a statistical technique for regressing several variables while concurrently deleting those that aren’t significant. The process uses a  step-by-step iterative construction of a regression model.  Independent variables are selected for use in a final model through a series of automated steps. At every […]