IRS Online Identity Verification – Identity Theft Is Real!

IRS – Online Identity Verification IRS is used by government agencies for verification, but some users resist providing pictures of themselves for biometric identification Nevertheless, verifying your identity before logging into any IRS site or tool is essential. This ensures the safety of your account information and helps […]

IRS Phone Number

IRS Phone Number – Different Numbers for Different Tax Issues

IRS Phone Number – Here’s How To Find the Right One Are you trying to reach the IRS but you are unsure how to find the correct IRS phone number? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When contacting the IRS by phone, the purpose of your call determines the correct IRS […]

Personal Income Tax Rates

Personal Income Tax Rates By State – Don’t Overpay!

Personal Income Tax Rates Personal income tax rates are the percentage of an individual’s income that is taxed by the federal government and the particular state in which a taxpayer resides. It’s possible for these rates to change based on a person’s income bracket, where they live, and other criteria. […]

TPG Products

TPG Products SBTPG LLC – How To File a Complaint

TPG Products SBTPG LLC – How To File a Complaint TPG Products SBTPG LLC is a business-to-business provider of tax-related financial products and services, including refund transfers, check processing, and auto collections. They also offer prepaid debit cards and cash processing services. If you have an issue or concern with […]

Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax – 5 Simple Steps to File Your Tax Online

5 Simple Steps to File Your Personal Income Tax Online in 2023 The personal income tax is an important levy that is imposed on the wages, salaries, dividends, interest, and other income that a person earns. Filing your personal income tax online is a convenient and efficient way to submit […] IRS IRS – Identity and Tax Return Verification Overhaul IRS – Identity and Tax Return Verification for 2023 IRS: In November 2021, the Internal Revenue Service updated how users sign in and verify their identity for certain IRS online services.  The IRS embraced a mobile-friendly platform, but it relies on a third party to provide verification.  Moreover, […]