Book Value per Share

Book Value Per Share BVPS: Formula – Explanation – Example

What Is Book Value Per Share (BVPS)? The book value per share (BVPS) is a ratio of the total asset value of a firm minus its liabilities divided by the number of outstanding common shares of stock. This metric shows the minimum value of a company’s equity and gauges a […]


NCIB – What Is A Normal Course Issuer Bid?

NCIB – What Is a Normal Course Issuer Bid? NCIB – Normal Course Issuer Scheme is a stock buyback program in Canada where a publicly-traded firm repurchases its shares to cancel them.  The term NCIB is an acronym for normal course issuer bid. Depending on how the transaction is carried […]

Option Chain

Option Chain – Option Chains Explained

What Is an Option Chain? An option chain is a list of all available option contracts for a particular stock or security.  The information is quoted in a matrix table called a chain sheet. An option chain lists all the possible options contracts for a specific stock or investment. It […]

Backup Withholding

Backup Withholding Tax – Who Has To Pay It?

What Is Backup Withholding Tax? Backup withholding tax is an IRS requirement used to collect taxes on certain types of income payments that are not subject to regular tax withholding. Investors should know that backup withholding is a tax that is levied on investment income.  The withholding is at an […]

Quiet Title

Quiet Title Action – What is a Quiet Title?

What Is a Quiet Title Action? A quiet title action is a type of legal proceeding used to identify who owns real property, fix a title error, or settle an ownership dispute. A party having a claim to land can bring an action to quiet title.  Simply put, it is […]

Diluted EPS

Diluted EPS Meaning – Diluted Earnings Per Share

Diluted EPS – What Is Diluted Earnings per Share? Diluted EPS is used to measure the residual net profits distributable per share if all the convertible securities of a company were exercised. The metric used to assess the quality of a company’s earnings per share (EPS) if all convertible securities […]