Short Call

Short Call Option Definition – What is a Short Call?

What Is a Short Call? A short call is an options trading strategy where the trader is betting that the price of the asset on which they are placing the option is going to drop.  Short call strategy involves a call option.  This obligates the call seller to sell a […]

Odd Lot

Odd Lot Definition – What is Round Lot Trading Vs Odd Lots?

What Is an Odd Lot? An odd lot is an order amount for a security that is less than the normal unit of trading for that particular asset – typically 100 shares. Therefore, they are considered to be anything less than the standard 100 shares for stocks. Trading commissions are […]

buy to cover

Buy to Cover Basics – Explanation and Examples

What Does Buy to Cover Mean? Buy to cover refers to a buy order made on a stock or other listed security to close out an existing short position. A short sale involves selling shares of a company that an investor does not own.  The shares are borrowed from a broker but need to […]